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LEGO Indiana Jones

Lego Indiana focuses on the 1st 2nd and 3rd Indy movies, in true LEGO style you will go through 18 levels solving puzzles and kicking hard LEGO ass!

First of i will begin with the combat, normally this would'nt really matter with a LEGO game but it does in Indy however because most of the main fighting is focused on hand to hand. There are the obvious moves such as punches and kicks, but this would'nt be able to stand up on its own so the good people at Travellers tales have added the special move system, this means that when your fighting baddies you may be able to randomly do a super move such as give someone an atomic noogie of flip them of the edge of a bridge or cliff.

Next up is the character roster, it holds a good number of playable characters each with there own special abilities and weapons to use, there i8s also the return of the strangely addictive character maker, in which you make up your own characters and then are able to play as them in free play mode, you will no doubt spend a lot of your time making yourself or a 007 impersonator as i did!

You may be thinking that this is basicly just LEGO starwars with an Indy facelift, and i'm not going to lie, it is, there is still the red bricks now disguised as mail, and you still collect studs around the levels, but even without any changes, heck because of no changes it is great fun! Because the people at Travelers tales got the LEGO concept so well last time round the term if it's not broken why fix it has never been so appropriate!

Finally to the surprisingly good conclusion, that LEGO Indiana Jones is no doubt one of the funniest, most absorbing, time taking games you will ever play, and with all these hidden unlockables and secrets it is almost certain it will keep you occupied for at least 40 hours! And of course you can't forget the 2 player which is a fantastic laugh! 4 STARS!

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