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Legos Were Never THIS Much Fun

I always played with legos as a kid, and I have to say that playing the Lego games bring back a lot of those old memories.  I may not be as familiar with the Indiana Jones franchise as the Star Wars franchise, but I have to say I had just as much fun playing this Lego iteration as I did the previous Star Wars ones.

Now largely the game play seems to have remained unchanged, and for me that is not a bad thing at all.  That is not to say that the game is perfect.  Because this is just a scaled down version of its console counterparts, some objects may be harder to see.  Also another minor complaint is that most of the combat is all hand to hand.  Any gun you pick up, unlike blasters in Lego Star Wars, run out of ammo.  I know that adds a sort of realism to the game, but hey, it's my review.

Overall, the game has the same charm as the Lego Star Wars game, but doesn't quite make it as high as those games did.  Hopefully when Lego Batman releases, the series will redeem itself.

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