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Island Xtreme Stunts, released in November 2002 for the PC, PS2 and GBA, is the third and last title to date in the Lego Island franchise. The game is comprised of a collection of minigames based around the filming of an action movie, "Xtreme Stunts." All the minigames are accessed from an open world hub that encompasses the whole of Lego Island. The player's character is Pepper Roni, a pizza delivery boy who has somehow managed to become the leading actor and stuntman in "Xtreme Stunts." The game sports full voice acting (a trait that was missing from subsequent Lego games until 2012's Lego Batman 2), original lyrical songs and a variety of vehicles to control, locations to explore and collectibles to collect.


Lego Studios arrives at the island to film a new movie titled "Xtreme Stunts", in which Pepper Roni plays the lead role. The Brickster is used as the main villain in the film, and his Brickster-Bots are used as assistants throughout the filming process. At the end of filming, it is discovered that the Brickster had used the film as cover for a scheme to destroy the island. Pepper then defeats The Brickster , who is placed back in prison.


Island Xtreme Stunts consists of a main quest, which encompasses five minigames and a platforming level culminating in a boss battle, and an open hub world with a plethora of side quests to complete and collectibles to find. The player has an overall score that is fed by actions accomplished during the main quest and in the open world.

The Main Quest

The game starts with a brief, impossible to fail motorcycle jump through a billboard, which quickly segues into the first minigame, Freeway Frenzy.

Freeway Frenzy

The first minigame consists of Pepper chasing the Brickster through "the bustling streets of the city" (to quote the Director). The objective is to repeatedly ram the Brickster's car until it breaks down. There are four different power ups spread throughout the streets: Horn (which moves all pedestrian traffic out of the way), Turbo (which makes the car speed up temporarily), Steady (which locks the Brickster's vehicle to one lane of traffic) and Damage (which briefly increases the amount of damage dealt when crashing into the opponent's car). There are also repair trucks at several intervals, which restore health.

Motorbike Mayhem

The second minigame is a side-scrolling motorbike race, a sort of "Baby's First Trials." The track is strewn with hazards and ramps which must be circumvented by strategic wheelies and jumps. The player may perform various stunts when airborne in order to earn points and gain speed boosts. The background environment changes across the course of the minigame, starting in farmland and spanning a construction site, a city, an airport and a beach.

Wave Catcher

The third minigame involves jetskis. The player must beat both the Brickster and his retinue of four Bricksterbots in a high-speed, physics-defying nautical race around the island. The environment alternates between exterior coastal waters teeming with a variety of stationary watercraft watercraft and tunnels beneath the island. Similarly to Motorbike Mayhem, speed increases and points accumulate by performing stunts when going off ramps. The player is kept constrained to the racetrack by a reset function that automatically respawns onto the track after drifting out of the marked route for more than three seconds.

Air Chase

The fourth minigame is very similar to Freeway Frenzy except that it uses planes in lieu of cars. Pepper takes to the skies above the island's coastal waters and rams his propeller repeatedly into the back of the Brickster's plane until all its pieces are ground away and he plummets into the water. There are three available pickups for the plane: Fuel (which gives energy necessary to charge forward and run into the Brickster's plane), Engine (which allows the player to collect more fuel) and Wings (which increases maneuverability). Unlike the optional pickups in Freeway Frenzy, this level cannot be beat without the power-ups.

Ripcord Rescue

The fifth and final minigame is a skydiving event in the vein of similar levels from Lego Island 2. This is also the only level of the game where Pepper is not directly competing against the Brickster. Instead, Pepper is are attempting to rescue some scientists that the Brickster decided to throw out of a plane. In addition to falling scientists, the sky is also full with rings Pepper can dive through to earn points. Pepper may also perform various spins and whirls, accompanied by trails of multicolored stars, which increase the score. The level is concluded by parachuting onto a set target.

The Tower Level

Upon completing the final minigame, the Brickster reveals that he has somehow managed to create a gigantic tower on the island without anyone noticing and has a computer on top that will destroy the world. In addition, he has also kidnapped Pepper's friend the Infomaniac. Pepper goes to the newly constructed tower and starts climbing it.

The tower level is divided into three parts: The third person platforming/puzzle segment, the side-scrolling platforming/barrel dodging simulator segment and the final boss battle. The third person platform/puzzle segment involves Pepper jumping up various platforms, inching his way along precarious wooden walkways, grinding down metal poles and turning Lego flowers into Lego trees so that he can jump over chain link fences. During the side-scrolling platforming/barrel dodging segment the player must control Pepper as he runs up the side of the tower, jumping over gaps in the path and avoiding barrels. The final boss fight involves Pepper throwing pizzas at the Brickster until he falls off the tower.

The tower level is the only part of the main story that isn't replayable.

The Open World Hub

In between the story minigames, the player is free to explore Lego Island in all its PS2-era, low-rez glory.

Side Quests

There are a variety of side quests for the player to partake in, mostly of the fetch quest/race variety. Before being able to do most of these diversions, however, the player is obligated to complete a trio of license tests, one each for cars, boats and aircraft. Each license test is very similar: take an assigned vehicle through all the checkpoints before time runs out. Once all the tests are completed, the player is able to fully explore all the island's locations and complete all the side quests.


The open world hub is absolutely swarming with a variety of collectibles.

  • Brickimal Bricks and Brickimal Hearts: Most common of the collectibles are the red Brickimal bricks. They are scattered everywhere, from the ocean to the sky. When enough bricks are obtained and paired with a rare Brickimal Heart (which are just gold bricks), an adorable little Lego animal, such as a cow, shall be brought into existence in cordoned off paddocks around the island. The red bricks are worth 100 points each, which increases if multiple bricks are collected in succession, and the gold bricks are worth 20000 points.
  • L.A.F.T.As: LAFTA ( Lego Academy of Film and Television Arts) awards of varying metallic properties (bronze, silver, gold) are given based on the player's performance in the story minigames. In addition, a pair of LAFTAs are hidden in the open world hub. An additional LAFTA is obtained by completing the game and a Platinum LAFTA is awarded if the player obtains gold medals on all the minigames. LAFTAs all grant massive amounts of points, dependent on their color.
  • Character Cards: Character Cards, which outline the basic information and personality traits of various characters on Lego Island, can be found around the island. These cards are also obtainable by completing side quests. The cards are worth 10000 points.


Pepper's skateboard is the only "vehicle" that does not require a license to use. The skateboard can be used for expedited travel or to perform tricks. There are two skateparks on the island, with various freeskate challenges and races associated with them, and multiple halfpipes and grindable surfaces scattered elsewhere. The player may earn points by completing skating tricks.


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