Has anyone played the 3DS version?

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I was wondering how it compares to Clone Wars on the 3DS. I thought about buying it but it got some pretty bad reviews and I might pick up pirates if it's a little closer to the console versions. 

I have also never played a lego game so everything is new for me.
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Ive never played them on the 3DS however, Clone Wars is an overall better game on the 360.
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I've played quite a few lego games and they're really addicting in terms of finding all the chars and unlocking the achievements.  I've been playing the PS3 version of Pirates and it is really fun.  I'll update you on the 3ds version in a bit.

Well I played the first level and I can tell you that several of the cinematics are cut out, probably for space.  However, the game controls very well.  There is a new 'duel' system that I have never seen before.  In the PS3 version when Will fights Jack you pretty much fight him all over the room.  Here in the 3DS you have to catch him and then you duel him.  You overcome him by pressing the B button repeatedly then hit three buttons in the right order to take a heart off.  Weird.  But it works.  I like it.

Framerate, sound, and graphics look great.

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I think I'm going to pick this up on 3DS. I'm dying for a good 3DS game.

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I gave it a shot and I'm enjoying it so far. I've only beaten the first level but it seems like a fairly fun relaxing game. Only thing that sucks is the game doesn't save until you finish an entire level.

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I've played about 2 hours so far, picked it up because i'm dying for some 3DS software too. Pirates on 3DS is competent and enjoyable, but not amazing. Everything about this game just screams challenge-less. That doesn't make it a bad game though. The humor is good and overall the game is pretty faithful to the source material. If you're looking for something to play on 3DS I wouldn't say this is a bad choice, but expect to breeze through everything. 

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