Game or movies first?

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Before I get yelled at I will say I have seen the movies and read the books, Several times.

My son however has not, I just ordered this game for us to play through and I am very torn whether we should watch the movies first or play the game first. What do you guys think? And no I am not concerned about the orcs giving him nightmares, He is well aware of the difference between real and imaginary and is very quick to point out whether something is a guy in a costume or CGI.

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I'd say the movies first. That way when you guys play the game together, you can see the references and the funny legoed(?)-up things like in the quick look when one of the wraiths was riding the rushing river on a surfboard.

Also, if your son knows the story, getting slightly stuck in some places for a few minutes won't have an added annoyance of 'wanting to see the next thing' it might have otherwise if he's really liking it. Be easier to take breaks as well.

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I want to say at that age just let him play the games, but the LoTR is well done enough where I feel regardless of his age he shouldnt have his first impression of the films corrupted from the games.

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If any of the other Lego games are anything to go by, they riff strongly on the films, and you'll miss the humour if you haven't seen them.

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That's pretty much what I've been leaning toward. I think the main reason I was resisting it is that the trilogy is so long it's going to take us a while to get the time to watch all three..... Guess I'm gonna have to hide the game and practice some of that patience I keep preaching to him

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I recently played through the game with my girlfriend and we chose to watch the each film first then play the game. The credits role after each 'in-game' movie so you know when to stop playing and begin the next film. As other posters have said there are a lot of jokes in the game that would make no sense without seeing the movie, also there are quite a few bits missed out.

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