Lego Lord of the Rings Gamescom Trailer

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ive only played the star wars ones, but this does look very intresting to me. i was suprised how well the voices seemed to fit for the legos. also, i hope for a bigger areas than what we had with the previous games. epic battles with hundreds of legos would be amazing.

edit: i hadnt heard of this before this trailer and went on to check out some gameplay, it seems they have the same small areas there, but im still optimistic we get the chance to also experience those big battles shown in the trailer.

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It took some getting used to the first time I played the first LEGO STAR WARS on Xbox (ages ago it seems) but it gradually became more natural and I gave LEGO INDIANA JONES a try and that was awesome. It had been kicked around by myself and a few friends why The Lord of the Rings hadn't been done, especially with LEGO HARRY POTTER having been done. So I was pretty stoked to see this. Thanks for posting. I have my fingers crossed for a stellar LEGO gaming experience. I was kind of let down with LEGO STAR WARS III so I'm hoping with this being used with the movie rights that they'll get this done right.

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