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One Game to Rule Them All? 1

After nearly 8 years and 10 games later you would have thought by now there would be no need to review these games any more. A franchise is turned into a family friendly mix of action, platforming and puzzle solving with all characters and item being replaced by Lego counterparts.The game has rarely strayed from it's initial formula but has seen tweaks and additions that have at times both benefited and detracted the fun from each installment. So in the end you know what to expect and the only r...

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As far as LEGO games go, LOTR is one of the better titles. 0

The LEGO videogames are a collection of titles that I never thought would be as fun or as popular as they ended up being. After the success of blending the charmingly cute building blocks with the Star Wars franchise, the series has represented Indiana Jones, Harry Potter,Pirates of the Caribbean and even Batman and his DC Comic friends. Traveller’s Tales seems to be hitting a point where fans wonder what the next title is going to be based on, so with The Hobbit hitting cinemas recently, what i...

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The Normal Goodness 0

Hmm, toughie. I am exceedingly fond of the Lego titles. I don't give that much of a shit about LOTR. So, how will it turn out? Well, I will mention that I loved Lego Clone Wars and I openly despise that franchise, so this has potential.And, Traveller's Tales, as usual, produces a solid platformer with an exceptionally large amount of things to do. It is also the first one where the current generation of consoles is having difficulty actually pulling off what the developers want, which is always ...

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The most expansive Lego game thus far 2

Another Lego game released means you can expect another review from me. I got so excited when I heard that TT Games was giving Lord of the Rings the Lego treatment that I went out and preordered it. That is a big deal since I haven’t preordered a game since that disappointing Guitar Hero III. But that trailer that had actual movie dialogue in it sold me from day one. And now here it is a few days later and I have a review for you all. How does this game compare to the other recent Lego game, Leg...

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