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    LEGO Worlds

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Mar 07, 2017

    An open world building game from Traveler's Tales.

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    Information about the in game progression and goals are sparse. Currently the game is only an open world sandbox that is procedurally generated.

    The game allows for mass brick building with large cursors. This allows users to terra-form the world quickly without having to place each brick individually. The cursor also appears to have a copy/paste function. Player characters are fully customizable.



    Enemies appear throughout the world.

    Confirmed enemies:

    • Skeletons


    The game will feature living animals which will be mountable. It is unknown if only some or all animals will be mountable.

    Confirmed animals:

    • Bears
    • Camels
    • Dragons
    • Eagles
    • Horse
    • Ostriches


    Aside from being built, vehicles can be found in the world which unlocks them in menus that allow players to purchase them in the future. Confirmed features of vehicles include using large drills to destroy bricks and flying (including fixed and rotary wing aircraft).


    The game will include weapons that not only harm enemies, but can destroy creations. These weapons can be found throughout the world in treasure chests.

    Confirmed weapons:

    • Bazooka
    • Blunder


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