This game is buggy as hell on PS4! :(

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Decided to get this since I love Lego games and Minecraft like games. Overall it plays like most of the Travelers Tales Lego games. You smash stuff and studs come out, do quests for gold bricks. And there-in lies the biggest problem. Free-play mode is not unlocked until you find 100 gold bricks. All I wanted to do was recreate my town in Legos but not only do you have to beat the story campaign but you have to "discover" nearly every since Lego block in order to use it in a custom build. Its not as frustrating as it sounds since it will auto-create filler pieces for you even if you don't have it. Controls for brick placement are a pain. The camera controls are wonky and make precise placement a chore. its not as simple as Minecraft but you can be more precise.

I'm playing on PS4 Pro and have had and least 2 crashes, one of which corrupted my save file. Thankfully the game auto-saves every few minutes so it was able to load a previous save. But if you play for a long time the game starts bog down considerably. Everything in the world is rendered as brick so I'm guessing the system is running out of memory to store all those bricks. The biggest and most annoying glitch as a result of this is your "Discovery" tool will not un-equip and your UI elements will disappear. No other buttons work except quitting the game. The only solution other I have found is to find water to swim in as it will force you to put items away. Also quest items or item drops will not always go into your inventory. Numerous times I've tried to pick up an item and it just vanishes into thin air.... This will make 100 percent completion a frustrating PITA since bricks I've discovered won't show up in my catalog.

Overall fun game but the bugs and lack of polish will drive you mad. If you are looking for Lego "Minecraft" its close but no cigar...Wait for a sale IMO.

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I'm playing on pc and it has all those bugs. Also for the discovery tool bug. If you pick the respawn in the sky option in the start menu. It'll reset your character. That parachute icon.

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