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Lei Wulong was introduced in Tekken 2, and he has returned for all subsequent games. Lei is very laid back with a casual attitude. He is one of the comedy relief of the Tekken cast and is constantly cracking jokes. Although comedic, Lei is very dedicated to what operations are at hand.


Tekken 2

Lei as he debuts in Tekken 2
Lei as he debuts in Tekken 2

Investigating Kazuya Mishima and Bruce Irvin connection, Lei enters the King of Iron Fist Tournament.

He is the No.1 detective of the Hong Kong International Police Force. Lei's partner was killed by the International Mafia. He finds information linking Kazuya Mishima to this Mafia and enters the tournament to try to bust Kazuya and crush his organization.

Tekken 3

Lei Wulong investigates the attacks of martial artists and thinks the next target is The King Iron Fist Tournament.

Tekken 4

Lei's life is consumed with police work and his live-in girlfriend dumps him. When he botched an apprehension of syndicate member and cost two years of police work, he was suspended for letting personal affairs to affect work. When Lei learned that syndicate is targeting a boxer, Steve Fox who has entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament, Lei signs himself up with the plan to arrest the assassin. Lei foils Nina Williams' hit and gains information to bring down the syndicate.

Tekken 5

Attacks on martial artist begin anew, some of Lei's close friends are attacked, one of them being Asuka Kazama's father. When the attacks lead to Japan and the new King of Iron Fist Tournament is announced, Lei again thinks that the attacker might join it and signs himself up. Lei however is unable to arrest Feng Wei and returns to Hong Kong.

Tekken 6

Back home he discovers his country in disarray. He finds out that Mishima Corporation is the cause, and he enters the newly announced King of Iron Fist Tournament to arrest Jin Kazama, the new CEO of Mishima Corporation


Tekken 2

Lei is practicing his shooting. He runs out of bullets, smiles and reloads. Lei then fires more shots. There is a close up on the target, with bullet holes saying "The End."

Tekken 3

Lei practices his Kung-fu over the seasons on the Great Wall. In the summer, Lei is practicing with a thin saucer; the following winter, Lei is practicing Snake Style Kung-fu by grabbing eggs from the tops of bamboo sticks. The animations for these two scenes are taken from Jackie Chan's movie the Snake in the Eagle's Shadow. During the spring, Lei is practicing with a broad. By fall, Lei finally decides to rest, sleeping on a golden Buddha statue.

Tekken Tag Tournament

Lei is practicing his moves in Forest Law's second Tekken Tag Tournament stage (called "Law-B"). He performs a couple of punches and many kicks during this ending. Lei also performs an aerial flip and goes into some of his stances during this ending. Finally, Lei ends in a stance with one of his arms in front of him and his other arm behind him.

Tekken 4

Lei is in the Mishima Zaibatsu Computer Room looking at information on the hired assassin, where he finds that she is currently in Hotel Leanne. About a day or so later, Lei is at the hotel ready to stop Nina from carrying out the Syndicate's plans. He busts open the door yelling, "Freeze!" Nina fires a couple of shots which are dodged by Lei. Lei goes back into the room and sees that Nina has escaped. Thinking fast, Lei slides down a drainage pipe and runs across the street. When he reaches, he notices that Nina and Steve are staring at each other. Lei then yells "Freeze" again and Steve helps Nina escape, tackling Lei. Lei fires two shots and one hits Nina in the leg. Steve punches Lei, knocking him out. The picture of a knocked out Lei is shown next to head lines proclaiming Lei's new found glory. Lei smiles at the camera and the scene ends.

Tekken 5

Lei is fighting a criminal on top of a moving bus. He successfully overcomes the criminal and handcuffs him. He reports back to his superior that he has the suspect in custody, but before he can finish talking, Lei is hit from behind by an oncoming sign, knocking him off of the bus.

Tekken 6

Lei in Tekken 6
Lei in Tekken 6

At a Chinese market street, Lei Wulong was just ordering for noodles. But the meal was soon interrupted whan an unnamed thief was seen fleeing through the scene. Instinctively, Lei kicks out the stool, of which he was sitting on, tripping the would-be thief. Again, the thief flees and Lei kicks the stool a second time, saying "The bag...Leave it here!". The stool hits the thief on his back, boomeranging him, causing him to fall and immediate arrest. After Lei reports that he "has a purse-snatcher in custody" (whilst still holding his plate of noodles), he tries to sit down and eat, only to fall...with the plate and noodles within to fall on top of his face.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Lei's Ending:

Lei is dining in Law's restaurant. When Marshall Law enters the room, Lei trips him, but Marshall saved his landing. Lei and Marshall have a small fight and knock each other down. They then make a bro-fist.

Ganryu's Ending

Lei arrests Ganryu for voyeurism, when he catches him peeking into Julia Chang's room.

Hwoarang's Ending

Lei notices Hwoarang speeding, chases him and pull him over. Hwoarang tries to explain that he was racing with Jin Kazama.

Fighting Style

Lei's fighting style consists of self-taught Kenpo, Drunken Boxing, and Five Animal Form (Tiger, Panther, Dragon, Crane, Snake). He also practices Chinese Sword Fight, but doesn't use it in Tekken tournaments.


  • Lei is based on martial artist, Jackie Chan. Even Lei's nickname, 'Super Cop', is a nod to Chan as it is the subtitle of the movie Police Story III starring Chan as the main character.
  • Lei once appeared in a SONY commercial.
  • Lei's Double Foot Stomp throw is very similar to that of Jackie Chan's throw at Jackie Chan Stuntmaster, although it has a different distance to succeed it.

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