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    Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail!

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Oct 10, 1996

    The sixth instalment in the series, love-lorn loser Larry Laffer has an opportunity to score big on a ship filled with women, but he's still looking for love in all of the wrong places.

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    Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail continues the story from Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out!, which ended with Larry taking Shamara, a penthouse-dwelling spiritualist, away for a night of well-earned sex. As it turns out, this ends up drastically changing her perspective: rather than searching for enlightenment, she now only wants money. She robs Larry of all his cash and leaves him handcuffed to the bed, which quickly bursts into flame from a misplaced cigarette.

    Using his ingenuity, Larry quickly escapes, taking with him a set of cruise tickets which would otherwise have been lost in the fire. It isn't long after that he finds himself boarding the PMS Bouncy, an enormous ship filled with available women, once again with the aspiration of finding that special someone ready and willing to give him the meaningful sex he desires.


    Notable in this installment of the series is the addition of an interface which combined aspects of point-and-click and text-parser interfaces. When your cursor highlights over a noteworthy object in the environment, clicking on it brings up a menu that states any obvious actions you can perform on it. In addition to this, an option in a sub-menu allows you to type in whatever action you wish; this can be used to find secrets such as easter eggs and hidden jokes.

    Bonus Content

    The game shipped with a feature called "CyberSniff 2000", which involved the use of an included card on which nine scratch-and-sniff boxes were printed; when the right icon came on screen (accompanied by an audio prompt), you were recommended to scratch at a certain box to better immerse yourself in the environment. Smells included ranged from the pleasant (sea air, suntan lotion) to the nauseating (fish, flatulence).

    Immediately after "conquering" each woman in the game (whether it results in actual sex or miserable failure), the game would deposit background wallpapers in a directory and change a static image in the game directory with the same name -- making it possible to quit out of the game having successfully completed a specific woman's quest to find an appealing pin-up of her on your desktop.

    Throughout the various environments on the PMS Bouncy, 32 collectible objects can be found in an overarching game called "Where's Dildo?". To collect them, all that needs to be done is to search every screen for red and white stripes; if clicked, a charismatic cartoon sex toy jumps up and bounces out of the room to particularly goofy music.

    Additionally, "easter eggs" can be found everywhere (8 in total); getting them consists of using the text-parser interface to manipulate the environment in reasonable ways (such as pushing a leaf to get a better view of a nudist's naked breasts) or nonsensical ways (such as control-clicking another character's computer screen to be rewarded with a sex scene shortly afterward). As you might guess, all of them result in a reward of cartoon nudity.

    Upon total completion of the game (all 32 dildos, 1000 points, and the previous 7 easter eggs), the final easter egg would unlock -- an extra second and a half of footage at the end of the credits, which briefly shows Larry and Captain Thygh in the middle of a Cinemax-style sex act. It is rumored that this addition is the reason Vivendi did not include Love for Sail! in the Leisure Suit Larry Collection, for fear that it would bring the collection up to an AO rating.


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