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    Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Oct 05, 2004

    The seventh game in the Leisure Suit Larry series takes the franchise to college.

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    Larry Laffer's nephew, Larry Lovage, wants to become a contestant on the dating show, Swingles. To get on Swingles, Larrry must obtain items of affection for seducing two of the three available co-eds.


    The most prevalent minigame in Magna Cum Laude are the conversations. The goal in this game is to steer a sperm icon towards the green conversation points to raise the co-ed's opinion of you, while avoiding the hazards along the path that consist of burps and farts. Later on in the game, the minigame introduces beer hazards that make steering your sperm icon more difficult.

    There are other minigames that vary from girl to girl.

    1. Chase - Avoid guards while collecting objects under a time limit.
    2. Quarters - The drinking game, the goal is to get your quarters into the co-ed's cup to get her drunk.
    3. Serve - A clone of the arcade game Tapper. You must attend to four rows of people, serving beers to people before they reach the end.
    4. Rhythm - Match the on-screen icons to the controller.
    5. Pong - Essentially the same game. Hit the ball with a paddle until the meter fills up.
    6. Wet T-Shirt - A first-person minigame in which you use a water gun to wet the girls' t-shirts.
    7. Deliver - Run around campus interacting with people standing around under the time limit. This one usually involves streaking.

    Uncut and Uncensored Edition

    When the game was submitted to the ESRB, it was given an AO rating and had to be scaled back in order to receive the more retail-friendly M rating. The AO rated version of Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude was made available as a PC boxed product exclusively via Vivendi Universal's online storefront (traditional retail stores would not carry AO products). The AO version differed in that it featured full frontal nudity without censorship bars both in-game and in video cutscenes. When it was released in Europe, it was uncut for all systems. Australia predictably refused the game classification resulting in a de facto ban.


    Al Lowe, the creator of the Leisure Suit Larry series, has denounced this game on his website. He also mentions that he had zero involvement with this game.


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