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Leland Monroe is a character in L.A. Noire
Real estate magnate Leland Monroe looks over his empire-to-be.
Real estate magnate Leland Monroe looks over his empire-to-be.
During the Arson cases, Cole Phelps asks Monroe questions after suspecting that he is behind the burning of some houses. Unable to make any arrests, he indirectly enlists the help of Jack Kelso. Kelso makes some investigations on his own and finds out that Monroe is one of the heads of the Suburban Redevelopment Fund. The Suburban Redevelopment Fund is responsible for building houses for returning soldiers from World War II out of movie studio wood so that when they are deliberately burnt down, Elysian Fields (the company that Leland is the CEO for) collects a huge amount of insurance money and hands the money to the stock owners. The stock owners include the mayor, Curtis Benson, and other top men. 
Kelso receives an invitation from Monroe to visit his mansion for a chat. Kelso accepts the offer but takes three heavily armed guys with him. The four of them storm the mansion with guns blazing. Kelso heads inside and shoot Monroe in the knee. As Monroe bleeds out on the floor, Kelso investigates the room and uncovers more information about the Suburban Redevelopment Fund. He leaves, forcing Monroe to crawl to a phone to get help on his own. It is assumed that he survived.
Monroe is portrayed by John Noble.

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