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    Leliana is a character from the Dragon Age video games. An Orlesian human bard who may accompany The Warden through the game. She is also a romance option for males as well as females.

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    Although Leliana's mother was born in Ferelden, she was raised in Orlais after her mother's death by an Orlesian noble, Lady Cecile. Eventually, Leliana began working under a bard named Marjolaine. She eventually falls in love with Marjolaine, only to be betrayed by her by making it seem as if Leliana was selling government secrets to other countries, branding her as a traitor.

    Leliana stars as the protagonist in the Dragon Age: Origins prequel DLC, Leliana's Song. It is shown that Leliana was starting to question Marjolaine and she felt that she would get to Leliana first. After this, Leliana flees to Ferelden and joins the Chantry in the town of Lothering, where she is found by The Warden in the main Origins story. When the new Blight begins, she receives a "message from the Maker" to aid the Grey Wardens. Belief in her vision results in her joining the Warden's Party.

    Her voice actor is Corinne Kempa.


    Dragon Age: Origins

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    Leliana is a potential love interest for both male and female wardens, becoming available once the player reaches Lothering. She has the Bard specialization, which she will teach once her approval is high enough, and comes with archery skills by default. The gifts she appreciates most are chantry artefacts, as well as shoes.

    Dragon Age II

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    Leliana returns in Dragon Age 2, as a seeker for the Chantry. Apparently she's searching for the Grey Warden she met in Lothering because she needs his or her help to put an end to the war that Hawke inadvertently started.


    If the player has The Exiled Prince DLC installed, they'll encounter Leliana earlier on in the ''Faith'' companion quest. Here, she arrives as the right hand of The Holy Divine, to help determine whether Kirkwall can be saved or if war will need to brought to the City to purge it all for the sake of putting down the mage rebellions.

    If the player has Mark of the Assassin DLC installed, Hawke and companions will again encounter Leliana in a more relaxed manner at a party in Leliana's country of Orlais.


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