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Lemon is a heroic general under the command of King Galam. He is a noble and faithful commander and is looked up to by the citizens of his kingdom. After Galam is possessed by a demon and begins to do the bidding of Zeon, king of the devils, Lemon reluctantly continues to follow the commands of the evil King. Lemon is lied to and believes he is fighting the aggressive neighboring kingdom of Granseal but after invading the city, he sees the king for what he truly is and is attacked and brought close to death in return.

Upon the Force's return to Grans Island, stories of a Red Baron, whose armor is splashed with the blood of his enemies, are heard by Bowie. After fighting this Baron and defeating him in battle, it is revealed that Lemon, left for dead at the base of the dark tower, survived and was possessed by Zeon. After breaking his possession, Lemon is fraught with guilt and attempts to commit suicide only to find he has been transformed into an immortal vampire. Unable to kill himself, he chooses to join the Shining Force in an attempt to undue some of the damage he has caused.

Character Strengths and Weaknesses

Lemon is a strong melee character who can use both axes and swords. Due to his immortal status, he also has the benefit of self-resurrecting at the end of every battle, keeping the player from having to pay gold if he falls in battle. Lemon is the last character to join the Shining Force and so consequently, he can only be used in a handful of battles before the end of the game.


Post-Promotion: Red Baron (RDBN)


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