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Before the War and his subsequent ghoulification Lenny was a doctor. He purchased a spot within Vault 12 for him and his father because it promised to shield its inhabitants from the aftermath of a nuclear exchange. However Vault 12 was part of the Vault Experiment by Vault-Tec, where certain aspects of vaults would be changed to see how humanity adapts to the situations like in Vault 70 where the clothes all fail around six months and most of the people in the vault were highly religious Mormons or in Vault 69 which had 999 women and 1 male. It was decided that Vault 12 would test the effects of radiation on a large populace so the Vault doors were programmed to not close during the nuclear hellfire. The resulting radiation killed many of the Vault's inhabitants and a lot more people in the surrounding city. However the radiation when coupled with FEV and other Pre-War diseases lead to some of the populace being turned into deformed, grotesque creatures called ghouls. A lot of them went crazy from radiation, tumors, pain, or the shock over the changes but some remained intelligent. The survivors of Vault 12 banded together and formed the ghoul city of Necropolis.  

Fallout 1

Lenny never actually appeared in Fallout the first but according to him he was living with his father, William, in Necropolis when the Vault Dweller (not to be confused with the Lone Wanderer) stopped by and helped fix the water pump. Lenny wanted to accompany the Vault Dweller but was to afraid to ask to join along. Lenny fled Necropolis with his father when it was attacked by the Master's super mutants in March of 2162. He eventually settled in Gecko.

Fallout 2

80 years later Lenny is still living in Gecko and still regretting not adventuring with the Vault Dweller. He has not aged significantly due to the near immortality brought on by ghoulification. His father has gone missing recently during a visit to New Reno. When the Chosen One shows up in Gecko it is possible for Lenny to the join quest to save Arroyo. Lenny is somewhat lackluster in combat with poor weapons skills and a low Strength, although he may eventually become skilled with pistols and SMGs. He is also very durable and can be of use to the party with his high medical skill. The Chosen One can help Lenny find his father, now dubbed Coffin Willie, around New Reno. New Reno is bigoted against ghouls and some people buried Willie in a coffin in Golgotha, the New Reno cemetery. The Chosen One can dig Coffin Willie out of his early grave. Just be careful when doing so because digging up the wrong grave can result in the Grave Digger Perk.

Cut Content

It was originally intended for Lenny to turn into a glowing ghoul if he drank too many irradiated liquids. This was never put in the game but was added in the Fallout Restoration Project.

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