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    Leon Belmont

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    Patriarch of the Belmont family and the very first of them to fight the forces of evil in the Iga timeline. He is responsible for the creation of the Vampire Killer, finding the legendary sub-weapons and the oath to hunt the night.

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    Leon Belmont posses incredible combat abilities well above most knights of his times, this is demonstrated by mastering of many weapons including The Alchemy Whip, Magic Gauntlet and the sub-weapons with no problems, his courage and determination are equally as great, showing no fear while facing the forces of evil and doing what was necessary to vanquish the them.

    In Lament of Innocence

    In the late 11th century Leon Belmont was part of a company of knights that was said to be invincible thanks to his combat abilities and the tactics of his dear friend Mathias Cronqvist, after Leon's betrothed Sara Trantoul is kidnap and taken to a mysterious castle Leon has no choice but to renounce to his title in order to search for his love. After he arrives in a forest near the castle Leon meets the alchemist Rinaldo Gandolfi who proceeds to inform him about the lord of the castle the vampire Walter Bernhard his seemingly invincible powers, Leon receives the Alchemy whip and proceeds forward. Once inside Leon learns the before he can fight Walter he most obtain 5 orbs guarded by 5 monsters, after many battles Leon learn that the Alchemy whip is not complete and also about the Ebony and Crimson stones but Rinaldo tells him not to worry and focus on his goal. After obtaining the orbs Walter finally appears before Leon but his attacks have no effect on him but as a reward he gives Sara back to Leon.

    Tragedy strikes when Leon discovers that Sara has been infected by Walter with no way to defeat the vampire lord Rinaldo tells Leon the only way to complete the whip is to sacrifice Sara, after refusing to do so she asks Leon to use her tainted soul to complete the whip as her final wish, with a heavy heart Leon strikes down Sara and so the Vampire Killer is born and with its new power Leon defeat Walter once and for all. In his final moments Walter soul is taken by Death who proceeds to give its powers to his master none other than Mathias Cronqvist who reveals he was behind everything in a plan to have his revenge against God, after refusing Mathias offer to become a vampire Leon defeats Death and orders him to send a message to Mathias "From this day forth The Belmont Clan will hunt the nigh". Escaping the crumbling castle Leon leave the forest of eternal darkness to continuing his promise to Sara that none will surfer her fate again.

    Other appearances

    Leon makes a cameo appearance in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, as of the 5 Belmont in the Dual Crush attack "The Greatest Five". In this game he is represented in pixel form for the first time.

    Leon in Portrait of Ruin
    Leon in Portrait of Ruin

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