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Artwork for Leon from Star Fox Command.
Artwork for Leon from Star Fox Command.

Leon Powalski is a character in the Star Fox franchise. He is a member of the Star Wolf team (Star Fox's opposing team). Leon and Wolf O'Donnell are the only two original members of Star Wolf from Star Fox 64. In his first appearance in Star Fox 64, he was a classy, skillful pilot who took pride in his job. However, he is very stubborn and distrustful (except to fellow members of Star Wolf). Leon did appear in the unreleased Star Fox 2. In every game, he mainly targets Falco Lombardi.

In Star Fox Command, he pilots the ship Rainbow Delta. His personality changes from Star Fox 64 (somewhere in Star Fox Assault) to a more maniacal, ruthless person who enjoys inflicting pain and torture to his foes. His story in Star Fox Command involves him traveling with Star Wolf. After the defeat of the Anglar Emperor, he shows his soft side by mentioning that he is looking forward to the "parades with flowers and other such niceties.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, he appears in the Lylat Cruise level if the player is using Fox McCloud, Falco, or Wolf on the stage (and uses the taunt).

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