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    Leona Heidern

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    Leona is Heidern's adopted daughter and the new leader of the Ikari Team in later King of Fighters. Her real fathers name is Gaidel, a man of Orochi blood.

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    Full Name: Leona Heidern
    Age: 18
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Position: Unknown
    Leona is the youngest member of the Ikari Warriors Team. She was found orphaned by Heidern, who adopted her as his daughter; in reality, her cursed Orochi blood had awakened for a brief moment, which caused her to murder all of her family. Thus far, her blood has caused her to become "Orochi Leona" at least twice; once during The King of Fighters '97 (where she becomes a midboss), and during the Ikari ending of The King of Fighters 2003. This leads her to fear for her comrades' lives, with the 2003 occurrence in particular causing her to skip the next tournament ( The King of Fighters XI).
    Many of her combat techniques seem to be derived from her adoptive father. Like Heidern, she uses her hands as blades for techniques such as the Moon Slasher, where she performs a crescent-shaped slash in front of her. She also has the Earring Bomb, which is self-explanatory. Her Super Desperation Moves include the Gravity Storm, a reference to Heidern's energy-draining Stormbringer, and V-Slasher, a V-shaped slash that pays homage to robot anime Voltes V
    She appears in every KOF after her introduction with the exception of KOFXI.
    Leona debuted in the Metal Slug series in a cellphone-exclusive game, but makes her first mainstream appearance as a downloadable character in Metal Slug XX. In this game, her special melee is her Moon Slasher that can damage tanks (like Ralf's melee), and her grenades change into Earring Bombs. She keeps her weapons upon dying and also receives weakened versions of the other six characters' abilities.


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