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Leonard could not have possibly known the adventure that awaited him when he woke up the morning of the Princess's ball.  As a young man employed at Rappaci adopted him when he was young, and had his fair share of friends as a child.  It was not the most exciting life to live, but it was his and he lived it to the fullest. 
Leonard is easily described as the best kind of friend.  His gentle nature and cordial attitude are rare among others his age, so those who come in contact with him cannot help but be drawn in and charmed.  To some, he is seen as almost naive, trusting too easily and opening his heart too often.  But others cherish these traits, joining in his company and quickly becoming his closest friends and allies.  For those comrades, Leonard would give his own life.  He fights for them, supports them, helps them find their way when they are lost, and celebrates their victories.   
At the center of Leonard's thoughts is the fair and lovely Princess Cisna.  They first encountered one another in their youth and the royal child mesmerized Leonard.  Their meeting was brief, and in reality it was nothing more than a whisper of a moment, but he help onto it tightly.  They met again, this time as adults, during Princess Cisna's birthday celebration.  Leonard's could barely believe the beauty before him.  Then, just like the first time they met, she was taken away. 
In that moment, Leonard's life changed forever.  He was thrust into the center of an ancient conflict that centered around the Princess and a forgotten technology of unknown power, the Knights.  Her captors' plans are not clear, but undoubtedly not  for the greater good. Leonard's is courageous and undeterred.  He is ready to release the force of the White Knight to rescue the Princess and stop the oncoming tide of darkness.

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