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    Leopold Charles Anthony Weasleby the Third

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    Seems to be the antagonist to our beloved Hatsworth. A dastardly fellow.

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    An avid member of the Pompous Adventurers club, he's ranked only number #2 among them but is willing to do much more to steal that prestigious #1 position away from Henry Hatsworth, that no good scum!  Nothing is below him when it comes to this one goal so he'll stop at nothing, doing whatever it takes to be the most Pompous Adventurer.  By the by, this all takes place within the universe created for Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure, a unique DS game which blends puzzling and platforming elements. 


     Weasleby is encountered mainly halfway between realms in a Mechanical Gear-Controlled Hat. His usual attacks are launching gears from the bottom of his hat and Charging at Hatsworth. The Player must attack his hat to beat him. In world 2-3, He obtains a laser cannon. Other than that, the battle was similar. World 3-2, is different, He mainly does resonably fast charges (Slower than the usual) and uses two cannons to attack, the player must destroy them with there weapons. The Puzzle realm has quite a twist... He uses an abduction beam  to lift the bricks as he attacks. Giving the player an advantage, However... After the battle, he is riding in a floating Escape capsule and escapes to a machine. He then uses the saws on it to attack, or with the Bullets or a Falling Brick which the player can define with the sign on it. To defeat him, The player must hit the macine itself.  And he acually is the boss of World 4. With the master piece, he can do a veriaty of attacks, Including a multi laser, Or a ground plume. And even making a clone of himself for two different attacks! At world 5. He is found at the final level, however... Unlike the previous battle, his Health is the equivelent of a normal enemy in the game. After the short battle, the final boss is revealed. 


    Weasleby's main goal is to recive the #1 Place in the Pompous Adventurers Club. He attempts this by collecting all the magic suit pieces. However, the Puzzle Realm is released... Causing puzzle creatures to be grouped everywhere in the world. As Hatsworth tries to stop him, Weasleby hires 3 Underlings to keep there pieces: [[Lady. D]], [[Lance Banson...]] and A Retired Captian. After he fails to do so, He tries to earn the master piece himself. He loses and Hatsworth goes to 'Tealand' To prevent Cole from being taken by Weasleby. At the end of there short dispute, Weasleby's head rotates 360o a couple of times and then his head falls, Revealing Cole is Weasleby...

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