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    Les Manley in: Lost in L.A.

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released 1992

    Continue the adventure of Les Manley in this sequel. Using a new mouse interface, lead Les on an adventure through L.A. to find his missing friend, Helmut.

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    Les Manley in: Lost in L.A. is a classic point and click adventure game released back in 1992. The second game in the two game series, it closely resembles another famous adventure series, Leisure Suit Larry. It uses digitized actors and scantily clad women to add a little bit of spice and intrigue into this humorous adventure following Les Manley through L.A.. Since this game was released before the ESRB existed, it did not carry any sort of rating, however it was "Recommended for Mature Audiences" by the publisher.


    Even the rich and famous in Hollywood aren't truly safe. Left and right, celebrities are vanishing without a trace.  At one such home, Helmut Bean, the "World's Smallest Man," and his girlfriend, LaFonda Turner, have just finished working up a sweat.  Bean makes a call to his good friend Les Manley and invites him to come for a visit to sunny southern California. Meanwhile LaFonda decides to cool off by skinny-dipping in the pool.  Little does she know that a mysterious figure is lurking in the shadows, and that she and Bean are about to join the list of missing stars.

    When Les shows up, his friend is nowhere to be found. Now Les must go off in search for his friend and in the process discover the cause of the mysterious celebrity disappearances and save Hollywood as we know it.


    Venice Beach

    The healthy lifestyle has really caught on big in Venice Beach. The holistic sushi bar -- formerly known as Salty's Sewer Bass -- now does a thriving business with their new slogan - "Our fish meditate and feed on macrobiotic algae."

    Surf Dogs

    - Formerly Dinkey's Donkey Hut. Home of the Famous Sprouted Wheat Dog and the Sidewalk Dog Patty

    Venice Beach Shade Shop

    - Does a booming business from lifeguards alone. It's best selling pair of sunglasses are the Babe-O-Matic Blue Blockers.

    Sam's Cafe

    - featuring the Hot 'N Hunky Burger. Their motto -- "Why bother having good food when all your customer are tourists who'll never return anyway."

    Rodeo Drive

    Where even the foliage along the streets is silk. The city planner felt real bushes looked too distressingly natural.

    Les Plastique

    - The offices of the famous plastic surgeon Dr. Nikopoulas

    Les Boutique

    - The favorite shopping spot for many of Hollywood's stars.

    Sunset & Vine

    Tony Leoni Hollywood Talent Agency

    - Tony represents some of Hollywood's brightest stars.

    Luther Blue Studios

    - Where some of the most famous people in Hollywood get their picture taken.

    Hoolywood Boulevard

    Thousands flock here every year hoping their dreams will come true. Few survive untouched.

    Hollywood Wax Museum - Boarded shut and closed for years.
    Mann's Theater - Doesn't matter what's playing as long as the tourists can go home and say they saw a show here.
    Star Photos - You can have your picture taken with a cardboard cutout of your favorite star here.
    Lou's Pawn Emporium - Where you go for all your pawning needs.
    Le Cage Au Flesh - A sterling example of quality entertainment in Hollywood.
    Murry's Hotel - Rooms rent-able in five-minute increments. Includes all amenities -- TV, sink, light bulb, K-Y jelly, some carpeting provided
    Club Mud - Wrestling with live girls. Hourly shows. Enter at your own risk.


    • Abe Goldstein - The head of Paramounds Studios and the most powerful man in Hollywood.
    • Blade - Also known as "Peacechild." This 'reformed' computer hacker now does odd side jobs for those willing to pay him.
    • Bob the Barker - Bouncer outside Club Mud.
    • Boyz - A local rapper gang that hangs out in L.A.
    • Cristy & Misty - A pair of female body builders found at Venice Beach.
    • Dave - A guard that stands in front of Paramounds Studios
    • Deena - One of Abe's zombie girlfriends.
    • Lou Ferrini - Runs Lou's Pawn Emporium.
    • Dominique & Monique - The two hottest mud wrestler's at Club Mud.
    • Dr. Nick Nikopoulas - A famous plastic surgeon.
    • Eb and Clora - A midwestern couple touring Hollywood.
    • Entrepreneur - A man selling stuff on the street.
    • Geena - One of Abe's zombie girlfriends.
    • Helmut Bean - The World's Smallest man and good friend of Les Manley.
    • Jason Meyers - A horror actor at Paramounds Studios.
    • LaFonda Turner - Helmut's girlfriend and famous fitness video star.
    • Lance - Lifeguard at Venice beach.
    • Les Manley - The star of the game.
    • Luther Blue - A famous photographer in Hollywood.
    • Maladonna - A music video star with many enemies throughout Hollywood.
    • Murry Morroni - Runs the Murry Hotel in the seedy part of Hollywood.
    • Rainbow Dawn-Marah - Runs the Star Photo shop.
    • Rock - A traffic cop.
    • Tony Leoni - A famous Hollywood talent agent.


    • Johnny Orason - Les Manley
    • Rob Bonham - Dr. Nick
    • Richard Booroojian - Lou
    • Dena Brautovich - Cristy
    • Laurrah Burns - Zombie #2
    • Justin R. Chin  - Mad Wax
    • Jeff Hoff - Video Assistant
    • Mark Kibort - Abe Goldstein
    • Tracy Kibort - LaFonda Turner
    • David King - Studio Guard
    • Karen Kuomas - Misty
    • Caitlin Lavitsky - Monique
    • Russell Lieblich - Tony Leoni
    • Mike Matheson - Murry
    • Allyson Beaulieu - Maladonna 
    • Lynne Parmley - Zombie #1
    • Danny Pisano - Lance
    • Jeff Rianda - Helmut Bean
    • Krista Sleadd - Dominique
    • Dina Marie Valentone - Rainbow
    • Jeff Wagner - Luther Blue

    Technical Requirements

    • Minimum CPU: 80286
    • Minimum RAM: 640k
    • Video Modes: MCGA, VGA
    • Sound Devices: Adlib, PC Speaker, Roland MT-32 (and LAPC-I), Sound Blaster, Tandy / PCjr, Thunderboard
    • Input Devices: Keyboard, Mouse

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