Lethal Weapon

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released December 1992

    An action-platformer licensed game by Eurocom and Ocean, based on the 1992 comedy action movie sequel Lethal Weapon 3. Released on various consoles, there are small differences between each version.

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    Lethal Weapon is an action platformer game from Eurocom and was created to coincide with the third Lethal Weapon movie, which was released the same year. The cover art is taken from the movie poster for Lethal Weapon 3. The game includes elements from the movie (such as the antagonist Jack Travis and Joe Pesci's returning comic relief character Leo Getz) but doesn't closely follow the plot.

    NES and Game Boy Version

    This version is a side-scroller brawler/shooter in which the player assumes either Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson's character) or Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover's character) and fights through hordes of criminals with their guns and fists. The player can also throw grenades should they find any, which can clear out small groups of enemies at once.

    Super Nintendo Version

    In this platformer, the player controls either both Riggs and Murtaugh - Riggs fires faster and Murtaugh jumps higher (presumably no offense was meant) - and plays through five missions set in different locations. The fifth and final stage has the duo arrest Jack Travis and recover the stolen weapons around which the movie focuses.

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