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    Let’s Fish! Hooked On

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Jan 29, 2013

    A fishing game for the PlayStation Vita.

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    Let's Fish! Hooked On, originally called "Let's Try Bass Fishing: FISH ON NEXT" in Japan, is a fishing game developed by Sims Co and published by Kadokawa Shoten and Wired Productions for the PlayStation Vita platform. It is the first Vita fishing game by Sims, who have previously developed games such as SEGA Bass Fishing.


    Casting is performed by using the left analog stick or the touch screen, then hitting the circle button or rear touch screen to cast. The distance of a cast is determined by a power meter which comes up once a cast is made. After it's been cast, the lure can be moved with the left analog stick, and the line can be reeled in with the circle or cross buttons for a faster or slower reel.

    If a fish takes the bait, then the game switches to the fighting system, where the player must reel the fish in without the line breaking. This is done by controlling the speed of the reel with a control on the touch screen, controlling the direction of the line with the analog stick, and by preventing line breakage through simple QTE prompts. Once a catch is made, the weight is recorded and added to the player's total.

    By playing through the World Tour mode, players will unlock additional skills for each character.



    Jamie joins the World Tour in order to be closer to Ryuji. She is an expert at hooking.


    Ryuji is the son of a World Tour fishing champion, and competes to demonstrate that he is as good as his father was. His skills are in casting.


    Kano is a rival of Ryuji who is a veteran of the World Tour. She is an expert at fighting.


    Ai is an apprentice magician from the Magical Kingdom who has been sent to the human world to win a fishing tournament. Her speciality is catching.


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