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Let's Go Jungle!: Lost on the Island of Spice is the story of the couple Ben and Norah, who attempt to rekindle their failing relationship by going on a tropical getaway together. While riding in a jeep along with a couple of armed guards. However, these guards are quickly killed by giant spiders, and Ben and Norah realize they must work together in order to escape the island, or face certain doom!

During their journey, they discover the origin of the mutated insects and amphibians: the island had been devastated by war, but was quickly rejuvenated by the efforts of an NGO called "Green Leaves", who used a mysterious mushroom to restore the island to it's former glory. However, the mushroom's exposure to the plants and animals of the islands caused growth and hostility torwards the humans of the island. The island was mostly abandoned by the NGO and it's inhabitants.

There is also a sequel to this game, Let's Go Island!: Lost On The Island Of Tropics. Where Ben and Norah are found in the ending credits in the game.

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