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    Let's Tap

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Jun 16, 2009

    This wonderfully ridiculous game requires you to control the onscreen action by tapping a cardboard box with your fingers.

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    Let's Tap for the Nintendo Wii comes packed with a box peripheral (Except in North America) that the player lays the Wiimote face down on. The game comes with five different gameplay modes that all use the tapping concept in a different manner. These modes are:

    Tap Runner

    Taptaptaptaptap TAP, etc...
    Taptaptaptaptap TAP, etc...
    The mode is a basic footrace where tapping lightly but fast will make you run fast, tapping the box strongly will make your avatar jump and jumping on the edge of a slope will make you gain speed and travel further. There are a total of 16 different tracks to run on divided into 4 stages and in order to unlock every track you will have to play the previous track at least once with the exception of the tracks of the fourth stage, which will only unlock after the player collects medals for each track in the first 3 stages. As the player progresses through the different tracks more and more gameplay elements and hazards are introduced. These different elements include:

    • The Hurdle: The hurdle is the first hazard you will encounter in the game, if you run into it you will fall and lose time so it is better to jump over them.
    • Crushing block: Blocks that go down and up at a constant rate, if ever your character is under them when they go down he will be crushed and paralyzed for 2 seconds. Slowing down in order to not get crushed is sometimes wise.
    • Electricity: Whenever you hit one of the electricity orbs you will be stunned for a second, just like the hurdle, however unlike hurdles electricity orbs are often placed in the air preventing you from either jumping over another obstacle or to make a boost ring more risky to reach.
    • Tight ropes: Tight ropes take a long time to cross, if you happen to et to a tight rope and can't jump over it you will have to tap quickly to get to the other side of it, if you happen to tap the box to hard you character will loose balance and lose a second or two. It is possible to jump from the main course on the tightrope  making it faster to cross.
    • Jump pads: Regular jump pads will propel you into the sky, if you jump when you hit the jump pad it will propel you further ahead.
    • Escalator: Once you hit a escalator your character will stand still and wait till he is at the top of the escalator. Escalators are usually placed before slides.
    • Slides:  Slides always end with a jump, and if you manage to jump at the end of a slide you will gain a considerable amount of air time.
    • Balloon pump:  When your character arrives at a balloon pump you will have to pump the balloon by tapping the box as fast as possible, the faster you tap the box the earlier the balloon will explode propelling your character into the air to the next part of the track.
    • Alternating jump pads:  Like regular jump pads they will propel you into the air, however these jump pads will change direction every second, propelling you forward one second and propelling you backwards the other.
    • Boost hoops: Whenever you manage to jump into a boost hoop your character will be shot forward at a very fast speed for a short distance. Boost hoops can also be found above tight ropes giving you the ability to boost over them.
    • Rope sling:  When you jump onto a rope you will have to jump of it. Jump off just before the rope slings back to get the most air time out of it.

    Rhythm Tap

    Rhythm Tapping
    Rhythm Tapping
    There is also a rhythm-based mode, similar to the Taiko no Tatsujin franchise. On screen will appear circles that will cross the screen from the right to the left that will hit a line at the beat of the song. Depending of the kind of circle you will either have to tap gently, give the box a medium tap or hit it hard. If ever you do not hit a note hard enough or to soft you wont lose a combo but you will not get full points for that note. In the background you will see a visual input of the different meters inside of the Wiimote that shows you how hard and where on the box you are tapping. There are a total of 20 songs to tap on from which initially only 4 unlocked

    Song List
    • 365 Children
    • Blue Hero
    • Chamelion
    • City Night Line
    • Coconut Airport
    • Divers
    • D.P.U.
    • From Universe
    • I Got Rhythm (TAP edition)
    • Jupiter (AP edition)
    • Kencha-P
    • Kung-Fu Disco
    • Milky Way Rendez-vous
    • Moogelus High
    • Rainbow
    • Star Seeker
    • Tampopo Rides
    • Tap-A-GOGO
    • Tap de Papapaya (Theme of Let's Tap)
    • Violet Interspace

    Silent Blocks

    Tap too hard and your tower is down
    Tap too hard and your tower is down
    Silent Blocks is a Jenga-like game where by tapping on the box you take out pieces from a tower. The game is played in phases, in the first phase the player selects a block to remove. The game will highlight every block one after another and to select the block the player will have to tap the box. Once a block selected an arrow will start spinning around the block, this arrow will point in which direction the block will be pulled after ward. Here again the player has to tap to stop the arrow from spinning and to select the direction in which he wishes to pull the block. One the block and the direction selected the player can start pulling the block either gently or fierce while paying attention to not make the other blocks fall. Once the block is taken from the tower the mechanic is repeated until the timer runs out or until the tower falls over. The different blocks in the tower are all worth a different amount of points. If by removing a block two blocks of the same colour fall upon each other they will "react" with each other disappearing making the other blocks above them fall down, when carefully used this will allow the player to create combos (called alchemy in the game). When playing with multiple persons every person will have its own tower.

    There are two different towers available to play with, the second one having to be unlocked by getting a high score on the first.

    Bubble Voyager

    Tap to avoid enemies
    Tap to avoid enemies
    Bubble voyager is a vertical shooter. Your goal is to collect as many of the stars as possible whilst avoiding the hazards, there are 6 different colours of stars that earn you a variable amount of points, the more valuable starts will be located in the more risky spots. You control your ship by gently tapping the box, when tapping the ship will go up and when not tapping it will "sink" down. You shoot by giving the box a stronger tap. The game itself is not really about destroying enemies even though there are some but to avoid the obstacles, you can even destroy some of the obstacles by shooting them. Around the middle of the level you will reach a landing station where you can land your ship to recharge its lost energy however if you do not manage to land it correctly your energy will not be recharged. Through out the level will also be several upgrades:

    • Shield :  A shield will surround your character/ship and will absorb the damage you will take from the next obstacle you run into. The shield disappears after receiving one hit.
    • Bazooka : When you shoot with the bazooka at a block all the adjacent blocks will also blow up the downside of the bazooka however is that it has a pretty slow rate of fire.
    • Tri-shot : The Tri-shot will let you shoot 3 normal missile that in the form of an triangle twice in a short period.


    The visualizer lets you interact with different landscapes by tapping on the box. The landscapes you can interact with are:
    Fish tapping
    Fish tapping
    • Firework, launch fireworks over a city by tapping the box.
    • Paint, spray colourful paint around by tapping.
    • River, Interact with a pond containing fish, tapping the box will make ripples appear on the pond and will scare the fish.
    • Gem Game, by tapping gem balls will fly in the air, the goal being to make them enter the cylinder in the middle.
    • Shu Mi, Similar to Paint but with traditional Japanese brushes.

    There are two modes in the visualizer, one in which you just chose what visualizer you want to use and another one that will let you set up a play list that every couple of minutes will change the visualizer you are playing.

    Let's Tap: Best Buy Limited Edition!

    The "Best Buy Limited Edition" of Let's Tap includes an official Let's Tap tap pad. This edition of the game is sold exclusively at Best Buy. Get it while it's hot!

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