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Letter Taps is an educational mobile game designed to introduce young players to numbers and the alphabet. It is the first game in the Artistry Kids product line.

Letter Taps was the first commercial project developed and published by Artistry Master Systems, reaching the the iOS App Store on February 10 and the Google Play store on February 21, 2017.


Letter Taps introduces the uppercase and lowercase alphabet and numbers 1-25 using a flashcard-style teaching method, with individual levels (three in total) dedicated to each set of numbers or letters.

Players can also complete a multiple-choice guessing game, or play with soundboards displaying the alphanumeric characters in a less-structured setting.


Studio founder Todd Mitchell created the basic design for Letter Taps after observing his young son successfully interacting with the user interface for Clash Royale. When a basic button-pushing method of teaching proved successful, Mitchell built out the app over the course of six months, adding teaching levels, interactive environments, and animated characters. All code, art, voice-over, and music was produced in Mitchell's home.

Following a positive series of classroom demos at a local elementary school, Mitchell proceeded with the game's release in February of 2017.

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