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    Letz Shake

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    Letz Shake is the 5th ranked assassin from No More Heroes. Letz say he dies in a surprising manner. Also makes an appearance in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.

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    No More Heroes

    Letz Shake appears as the 5th ranked assassin in No More Heroes. He rides into the arena on board some kind of military machine containing a large brain, referred to as "Doctor". The two of them begin a countdown, but Henry jumps in at the last minute and cuts both of them in half. Although Travis isn't the one who kills Letz Shake, Sylvia explains that he achieves the rank anyway, since his opponent had died.  

    No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

     "3... 2... 1... Battle cry."
    Letz Shake and his strange machine make a reappearance of sorts in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle as the 10th ranking assassin named Dr. Letz Shake. They are now one in the same after combining with each other to survive Henry cutting them to pieces in the last game. Also, it's an actual boss battle considering he's defeated Henry and turned him into a war trophy by this point in the game.
    Along with a new personality caught somewhere between an efficient machine and a regular human being, Dr. Letz Shake also has a new body and faster firing earthquake generator. It takes only three seconds to fire.

    Fighting Style

    Even though Letz loudly announces each firing of his earthquake generator with a three second countdown, his counting speed varies depending on the pitch of his voice. A deep pitch means he counts slower while a high pitch is much faster. It's an important tell considering he can kill Travis with two attacks no matter how many times the stamina mini-game has been completed. The method to avoid getting caught in a quake involves standing on ground that doesn't rumble while Dr. Shake is counting down.
    He also uses a laser beam he fires from the red eyes on his main body, but it's much less common.


    • The crotch-grab motion that Letz makes twice in the cutscene is a reference to Michael Jackson.
    • Letz Shake's guitar is a Gibson Flying V.
    •  The Japanese kanji "大地震" written on his clothing means "major earthquake".

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