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    Lex Luthor

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    Lex Luthor, beloved billionaire of Metropolis, is also the arch-nemesis of Superman. Lex Luthor despises Superman because until Superman came around, Luthor was the most powerful man in Metropolis. Now Luthor has dedicated his life to eradicating the Man of Steel.

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    Height:6'2" (in armor) 6'11"

    Weight:210 lbs (in armor) 595 lbs


    Hair:Bald (formerly red)

    Lex Luthor's origin story has differed since his introduction. At first he was a crazy scientist who had ambitions to take over the world. He was mainly created to have his science battle Superman's strength. After a while, his origin story was changed due to the fact that his story was not believable enough, for example, breaking out of prison and resurrecting a robot he hid in a laboratory somewhere. He was later developed as a man with a very abusive childhood and that he would eventually build one of the most powerful corporations in the world, Lex Corp. This story more or less is still the same today. He is no longer a scientist but his scientific intellect remains intact. One of the main Lex Luthor's stories is when he is elected as President of the United States of America. He promised mainly technological advancement and because of the extreme unpopularity of the previous administration's handling of Gotham City in the Batman Mini-series "No Mans Lands", which we later find out was his fault in the first place. The Justice League eventually removes him from office by force.

    Game Endings

    • Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance: Lex constructs his own portal to break through the barrier that separates his universe from the Mortal Kombat one. He then forms a tentative Deadly Alliance with Quan Chi to put both worlds at their mercy.

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