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    Lexine Murdoch

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    The female protagonist of Dead Space: Extraction, whom the player must protect from the bloodthirsty Necromorphs.

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    Lexine Murdoch is a character that appears in Dead Space: Extraction.  Originally from Earth, she resides on the mining colony Aegis 7 with her boyfriend, Sam Caldwell, who is part of a team attempting to extract a marker found during mining operations.  However, things go horribly wrong during the extraction procedure, and Sam and the rest of his team are killed.
    Following the outbreak of necromorphs that spread through the colony, Lexine was found by P-Sec officer Nathan McNeill and Gabe Weller, a security officer from the Ishimura, and CEC executive Warren Eckhardt.  Lexine and the others escape from the colony and take a shuttle to the Ishimura hoping to find safety only to discover that it too is overrun with necromorphs.
    Lexine is a rarity among humans, as she does not experience the symptoms of dementia associated with exposure to the marker that affects everyone else.

    Dead Space: Severed

    Lexine manages to escape the Ishimura in a shuttle with the wounded Nathan and Gabe. However, after falling asleep, she is abruptly awoken to find that Nathan has transformed into a necromorph, and attacks her as the game cuts to white.
    In Dead Space 2: Severed, it is revealed that Lexine and Gabe both survived this final scare.  The pair eventually married and moved to the Sprawl.  During the events of Severed, it is revealed that Lexine is also pregnant with Gabe's child.  When the necromorph outbreak occurs, she makes an attempt to escape the Sprawl with Gabe. It is revealed over the course of the game that had been kept as some sort of study or experiment by EarthGov, and, similar to Isaac Clarke, is of interest to the Church of Unitology.

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