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    A playable Dota character, Lich is an Intelligence hero affiliated with the Dire.

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    In life, the frost-mage Ethreain (not yet a Lich) had used the threat of destructive ice to enslave entire kingdoms. His subjects, aided by a few desperate magicians, eventually grew bold enough to ambush him. Armed with enough charmed rope to bind him forever, they tied the frost mage to adamant weights and dropped him in a pool known chiefly for being bottomless. It wasn't. He only fell for a year or so before an outcrop snagged him. There he rested, dead but undecaying, until the geomancer Anhil thought to verify the legend of the supposedly bottomless Black Pool. Anhil's plumbline snarled with the ropes that bound the drowned magician, and up he hauled an unexpected prize. Thinking that by rendering the dead undead, he could question the Lich about the properties of the pool, he removed the bindings and commenced a simple rite of resurrection. Even the descendants of Ethreain's enemies were long forgotten by time, so there were none to warn Anhil against imprudence. But he learned the error of his judgment almost immediately, as Lich threw off the shackles and consumed him.


    • Was originally named Kel'Thuzad, but because Blizzard owned the licensing on that character, his name (along with the names and races of many other characters in the game) had to be changed.
    • One of his lines is "I'll put his SOUL to use!", but his voice actor, Gary Schwartz, deliberately pronounces it as "I'll POOTIS soul to use!" This is an allusion to his role as the Heavy Weapons Guy in Team Fortress 2: One of Heavy's responses in the game ("Put dispenser here!") was edited into "pootis", and became a meme in many Garry's Mod animations on YouTube. His "UM NUM NUM" line is another reference to the "OM NOM NOM" noise Heavy makes when he eats his Sandvich.

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