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Life and Death II: The Brain is a neurosurgery game and sequel to the first Life & Death game. Diagnose patients correctly and perform increasingly difficult more advanced procedures to get promoted. The games are much celebrated for their strong emphasis on realism (not surprisingly, since their designer is a real doctor). The games also boast high educational value as well, since every time you make mistakes you'll be sent to a classroom to learn what you did wrong. Also there have been a large number of improvements such as more informative diagnoses. You get to examine most of there body this time (face, arms and legs). Also, you will have a number of new tools such as a hammer, pin, CAT scan and MRI scan. This also makes it harder than before but you will soon learn thanks to the small in game book. And the great thing this time is you can do all the operations at once, no more having to finish one before moving on like in L&D1. Operating is more complex as well there are more things to watch such as the C02 level and urine output as well as the good ole EKG. Also operating can be more fun now with better graphics and sound and the ability to use a drill.

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