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    Life Game

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Nov 23, 2018

    A life simulation game from the first person perspective.

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    Open World Life Simulation Game in First Person

    Create character(s), build own dream house, buy and place furnitures and start living. Life Game gives the opportunity to experience like real life in 3D open game world.

    Survival and Life Simulation mechanics together

    Players can start the game with characters created by they own or any other already made. Playing with one or more characters is only a decision. Also it is possible to buy a house and editing or buying a parcel and using ones own creativity to build.


    -Character creation editor

    -Playing via one or more characters

    -Building, buying, editing, painting houses and painting floors

    -Char needs that can be met by objects and furnitures in the game like bladder, cleanliness, amusement, hunger, sleep, fatigue(restlessness)

    -Char skills like mechanics, cooking, athletics etc.

    -Shopping in stores around the town like a real life, via visiting store or via cell phones, pc's online shopping

    -Realistic car experience with driving in open world, passenger seats, open/close(able) 4 doors cars. Car baggage for putting inventories that bought from a store or moving objects.

    -All objects that all characters can interact for example sofas that can be seated by chars, toilets, bathtubs, ovens for cooking, shower, beds for sleeping, plates, eatable foods, cooking materials (frying pan, stew pot) watchable TV's, playable piano & violin, kitchen cabinets that plates and other cooking stuff can be put, fridges to keep foods fresh, wardrobes etc.

    -Many active buildings that chars can get inside and shop. Hot-dog stalls sell eatable hot dogs or other future dinning places.

    -Realistic Cell phones or PC using for online shopping and calling other chars met before in the game, finding job.

    -Realistic cooking experience that player can prepare and cook foods or burn them on the oven.

    -Dressing, changing clothes, shopping for clothes, keeping them in wardrobe.

    -Different jobs requires different skills and gives different salary ranges. Promotion or demotion, losing job, earning money from business, selling objects.

    -Having a relationship, friendship and marriage with other chars, having a baby, growing up, aging, getting old, death.

    -Shopping carts that can be driven, carrying objects while shopping.

    And many other features will be added during early access.


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