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Hella disappointing

I appreciate the backstory they brought to life here and there were some interesting moments but this isn't a very good game on it's own merit.

If you haven't played the original Life is Strange, go play that, it's fantastic; if you have, then you are probably going to play this anyway so this review is essentially pointless.

The story is only partially successful, it has some touching moments, but they are buried under a heavy layer of nonsense. This is a prequel to the first game but it still left a crucial gap between the two stories which really disappointed me.

Chloe is really the only fleshed out and realistic character in the whole game, maybe understandable being the main character, but every other character is hella weak and really make the game suffer.

Not much gameplay here, more of an interactive movie than a game, there couldn't have been more than 7-8 very short sequences where you interact with the environment, everything else is just scripted scenes in which you can make dialog choices.

The first game was a revelation, and this game doesn't hold a candle to it.

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