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I have compiled this list of characters. This is not a full list but it pretty good. I have put my spoiler thoughts into this. If you don't want to know or think about this avoid. If you want to just use my list of characters to put out you own thoughts about who did what, who knows what, etc than please do so. As I said, if you look under the spoiler marks that is your fault not mine.

Chloe Price (old friend of Max, tried to extort money from Nathan, was likely drugged by Nathan like Kate Marsh)

My guess is Chloe is close to death for all the episodes. She may have had more than platonic feeling for Rachel did most people in town from students to teachers.

Warren Graham (film buff and smitten with Max)

My assumption is there will be spark flying from Brooke is Max dates Warren. But I assume we will need Warren for hacking at some point so we have to date him to make that easier....Max needs to get laid anyway. I think at some point we will find out the Warren did some not so nice stuff for Victoria or one of her minions in regards to Kate Marsh, Rachel Amber or some girl...didn't prevent a rape or drugging.

Kate Marsh (first friend Max had a school, aChristian who professes abstinence, was drugged by Nathan)

Kate likely has a few secrets, which is why Nathan Prescott drugged and blackmailed her. My guess is Nathan Prescott used Victoria to get at Kate. She knows more about Rachel Amber for sure, or at least she will have a key. I can see Kate being useful in the investigation to nail Nathan, she needs that to clear her name too.

Nathan Prescott (drug dealer, son of wealthy Prescott family)

Accidently killed Rachel Amber when he drugged her? That is where I see this going, but just as likely it was something he did or didn't mean to do. Maybe, Nathan drugged her, left her on a bench outside school… then she went missing. He might not have done it but he may have contributed to her death

Victoria Chase (rich mean girl in Jefferson's class, determined to be Max's enemy)

This might be controversial, but I think Victoria is a victim. She might play Nathan's game, but is she being blackmailed, did she do something with Nathan that contributed to her disappearance? In the end, I think we will find she was being pressured and that like Kate she will be a victim that needs saving

Hayden (African American Vortex club member, partier who sees good in everyone...he does proposition Max to act more like Dana; i.e trying to get in her pants)

This guy likely has seen things that he does not realize were important. He sees the best in people and he might be blind that small pranks might have gone the wrong way with Rachel Amber

Brookie Scott (nerd girl with quad-copter likes Warren)

She is going to be trouble for Max because she likes Warren. I think if you choose to date Warren, then Brookie will become an enemy. She might even become the worst enemy and the most dangerous enemy you face. She will likely do something stupid and dangerous to get back at you. She will likely work with Nathan to get back at you.

Stella Hill (in the photo class, has glasses and New Jersey pink sweat shirt...believes/gossips Rachel Amber slept with Jefferson)

Worse than Brookie! She is a snake in the grass. She was jelous of Rachel Amber because Mr Jefferson liked her. She mocks Victoria for flirting with him. My guess is if you make nice with Mr Jefferson she will turn on you. I without a doubt put her in the top two for who killed Rachel Amber. She is dangerous in my mind until proven otherwise, far more evil than Victoria.

Luke Parker (was harassed by Logan, hates Nathan Prescott)

Likely not important might not even prove important to the story more than one more time in a future episode.

Alyssa (chubby chic-lit fellow photo student, is into sci-fi and weird movies)

I think she could become a real ally, and she might prove useful in your battle with Brookie. The more you talk with her the more you see she has been harassed more than Kate. Alyssa is stronger than Kate though, and as I said she coudl prove very useful for information later in the story.

Daniel ??? (chubby boy who draws, sketched many Rachel Amber protraits, has been bullied by football players like Logan Robertson)

He has some more information, and I bet Rachel Amber told him thing while he was sketching her. He could prove useful like Allyssa and Warren. His infatuation with Rachel is a bit creepy, but I think he just liked her in a very shy way.

Justin (sk8er dude who knew Rachel Amber)

This guy will be useful when you finally have to confront the thug you pulled a gun on (Frank?) Justin and Trevor might be your savior in the seedy parts of town. Obviously them both liking Dana coudl be an issue, you might have to settle a dispute between then to get their help.

Trevor (sk8er dude who falls making a "tre flip", friend of Justin...fights with Justin at the diner)

See above at Justin...or don't

Dana Ward (writer for Blackwell Academy's school newspaper, dated Zachary the football player, now seeing Trevor a sk8er…and maybe his buddy Justin too...ouch)

I think you will have to save Dana as a news reporter will soon be needed to solve the case. She might prove a dependable ally and researcher. I think by being a respected student she will be a powerful force for Max. Dana has clout on campus and that could be useful with teachers and students.

Juliet Watson (member of the cheerleading squad, was pregnant; she dates Logan Robertson who beats up Daniel)

I think you will have to save Juliet from getting drugged by Nathan Prescott at the Halloween party. She is a bit too flirty and has poor choices in men. I think her friendship might prove useful, but you will have to save her from herself. I happen to like Juliet, I think she is deeper than people give her credit for, she is growing up faster than everyone so is making mistakes...but she is strong.)

Taylor Christensen (Victoria's blond friend whose mother is sick)

I think at some point you will have to get Taylor and Courtney on your side. You might even need to do that so THEY can help Victoria who I believe is being blackmailed. No matter how bad they treat you I think you will have to turn their opinion around so they trust you.

Courtney (treasurer of Vortex club, Victoria's second minion)

See above at Taylor..or don't

David Madsen (Chloe's Stepfather, a former soldier and security guard at Blackwell Academy)

Like it or not he has the facts and he has collected the clues. He is on the case of what weird nefarious stuff is going down at school. He is harsh and brain addled, but he want to save these kids he is just being too much of a bully to be trasyed by the kids. He and Max are mostly what stands between Rachel Amber's case being solved.

Joyce Price (Chloe's mother)

You will need her help to keep Chloe from doing something dumb...I'm sure of it. I think your job will be to bring mother and daughter onto the same side before Chloe shoots David. Maybe, Joyce has to get through to David that he is poisoning his relationship by pushing Chloe so are needed to make this all work out.

Samuel (grounds keeper who speaks in third person about himself, sees things seems kind...but who knows)

She has facts, clues and data about Rachel Amber. I think he is harmless, but maybe his inaction that could have saved her didn't happen...his too simple philosophy might mean he could have saved her. Who knows...but he sees more than even David Madsen has...he is creepy though I see him being a scapegoat that needs to be saved when he is blamed for her disappearance. He is the Arthur “Boo” Radley of this story.

Mark Jefferson (Photo teacher)

A pompus scum bag. I have no doubt he was exploiting (or trying to) the girls in his classes. Likely it won't have been sleeping with them, the developer is too timid to go that way. But he did take photos of them wrapped in robes or photos he should not have been taking. He is on the prowl for nymphets for sure...Max may prove a target.

Principal Ray Wells

A big well-meaning guy, but under pressure and scrutiny. But when it comes down to it he will protect Max if she can get enough facts to nail Nathan Prescott. He needs those facts, but with them he will protect Max.

Professor Michelle Grant (science teacher)

You will have to stop her form harassing David, the school will need those cameras. You might have to cross her, if you signed her petition expect more flack from David that you will have to repair.

Rachel Amber (a missing student at Blackwell Academy. The friend of Chloe Price who begins the Missing Persons campaign)

She's dead....yeah I'm going to call it she is dead, dead dead.

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Are there any major characters I missed?

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