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    Life of D. Duck II

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Oct 28, 2008

    A bizarre satirical adventure game created by Norwegian artist Bjørnar B.

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    Life of D. Duck II is a PC point and click adventure with a hand drawn style. The game is available to download at the creator's website.


    D.Duck arrives at his and his girlfriend Dasy's house with the intention of enjoying porridge with his nevus (spelling intended), grandma, Dasy, and himself and then proposing to Dasy. Before he can get in the house, his morbidly obese uncle Jubalon comes over and takes over the house by eating everything out of the fridge, staying glued to the TV, and refusing/being physically unable to move out of the house after sitting down (his body is melded to the chair he sits on due to his obesity). Dasy runs to D.Duck's cousin Anton's house and refuses to return until he can get his uncle out of the house. To make matters worse, D.Duck accidentally lets his mentally unstable nevus loose from their bolted room and needs to place them back in their cage as well.


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