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    Life of D. Duck II

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Oct 28, 2008

    A bizarre satirical adventure game created by Norwegian artist Bjørnar B.

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    Bunch of Fat Quacks

    Grandma just needs her medicine.
    Grandma just needs her medicine.

    The Life of D. Duck II has a unique style that is reminiscent of a disturbed five year old’s fantasy of Donald Duck. Such insanity includes young, mentally challenged ducks that are always on the verge of getting themselves killed, a hand cramping mini-game dubbed Miruts Yifter’s Mini Cooper Test, and rotund ducks with razor sharp teeth and an aptitude for health awareness. Seriously, every other line of dialogue or description is an allusion to staying healthy, which sounds like it’s irksome, but is astoundingly funny. Heck, there’s a stat indicator for the amount of calories burned and CO² emissions accumulated throughout the game. Even the main goal of the game revolves around kicking your grotesquely large uncle out of the house so D. Duck’s girlfriend, Dasy, will come back home. And while all this is happening, your cousin Anton is stuffing Dasy with enough chocolates to maker her become the size of a house. The creators clearly have concerns with obesity, though there is a reference to anorexia at one point, so it’s not all satirical fat jokes. Just mostly satirical fat jokes.  

    The only drawbacks are in indicating what direction to go in through part of the game. Yes, we need to remove uncle Jubalon from the house. He won’t leave quietly. The only option is to explore and hope for the best. The player direction feels just that bad sometimes, though mainly just in the first quarter of the game. If it wasn’t for the incredibly twisted story, music, and art, I would’ve gave up fifteen minutes into the game.

    If you enjoy satirical health awareness, Engrish told point and click games, and laughs at the expense of others, then is something to put on your to play list. If you easily get lost, are not apt at finding creative solutions, or have sensitivity to fat jokes though, you might want to use the walkthrough or the Dutch language settings for this one.

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