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Light Crusader is an isometric dungeon crawling RPG adventure, developed by the much loved game developer, Treasure. The majority game takes place in a six floored dungeon where the player must solve a plethora of challenging skill based puzzles, as well as the traditional riddle. The majority of the puzzles are a case of frustrating trial and error, involving movable explosives and spike pits, as well as time control. The puzzles can be reset if gone wrong, however, by leaving and re-entering the room, thus the trial and error.

On the combat side, it's the usual hack and slash affair, the player can buy or find more powerful weapons and armor to make things easier, but also use and combine one of four magic types, earth, air, water and fire. The player can combine all of these with each other to find some interesting unique spells, but use sparingly, as magic is limited, and is most useful during boss fights.

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