High pitched squeaking in Luxerion?

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#1 Posted by Steadying (1887 posts) -

So this is weird. Has anyone else been experiencing a noise that sounds like a telephone ringing followed by a series of extremely high pitched squeaking every now and then in Luxerion? (The first city). It happens every 10 seconds or so. It didn't start doing this until about 10 minutes ago, and I know it's the game because when I mute my TV it stops.

I wouldn't have made this topic if it weren't for the fact that it's killing my ears. So yeah. Does anyone know what in the hell triggered this and how I can stop it? Why is such a thing even in the game????

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#2 Posted by smokeyd123 (361 posts) -

It could be your TV. What's the brand/model? I had a Samsung LED that decided to start doing that a couple of months ago.

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#3 Posted by Steadying (1887 posts) -

@smokeyd123: It's not my TV. I think I actually figured out what it was. (I was being an idiot I guess). There's a certain side quest that involved you going around answering phones, and I believe this extremely irritating noise is the game's way of telling you you're in the general vicinity of one. This is the only thing I actually did during this play session before it started doing it, so yeah.

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#4 Posted by Darklight (222 posts) -

It's not the Tv, I know what you mean... Like 3 or 4 really sharp sound for a specific music. Still wondering why they thought it was good idea to put that in the game cuz It's pretty annoying. I heard it in the day.

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#5 Posted by chroipahtz (232 posts) -

There's an annoying repetitive sound like that in the North Station when a train is approaching (or leaving) I think.

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