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    One of the playable characters in the original Borderlands, Lilith is a powerful siren who uses invisibility and the elements to take out enemies. She is an NPC and important story character in Borderlands 2.

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    Lilith is one of the four main playable characters in Gearbox Studios' 2009 release Borderlands.

    One of only six Sirens in the galaxy, Lilith comes to Pandora in search of one of her own as well as the great secrets of the vault. Having special abilities, Lilith has supernatural abilities which aid her in combat, such as her phasewalk. She also has a knack for using a Submachine Gun and guns with a very high elemental attack stat.


    Elemental Control

    Lilith can manipulate the various elements themselves making her very dangerous when equipped with the right weapons. Certain skills allow her to deal lighting damage when exiting phasewalk, grant a toxic property with her melee attacks, and even allow all elemental properties to activate more frequently.


    Lilith can control the flow of combat with her stunning abilities. Enemies who get stunned move a great deal slower than normal and have a reduced accuracy. This is a useful technique for crowd control in large fights and when faced with an enemy approaching her quickly her stun allows her to kill them while taking little to no damage or escape. Her stunning skills can be applied to her melee attack, exiting phasewalk, and the bullets she fires.


    Lilith using phasewalk.
    Lilith using phasewalk.

    Sirens have many supernatural powers but Lilith is unable to harness the full extent of hers. One known power is her phasewalk ability, which makes her invisible for a short period of time and, when upgraded, lets her deal electrical and fire damage and heal herself, among having other effects. Lilith can melee enemies to exit phasewalk. Her melee will do increased damage in phasewalk, and upon exiting she will execute a "phase blast" which causes area of effect damage.


    As with all four main characters in Borderlands, Lilith is a mostly silent character, however she will yell out the following situational quotes during gameplay:

    Entering a game:

    • "Ever seen a siren in action? Here's your chance."
    • "With me around, you might actually get somewhere."

    Opening Chests:

    • "More loot? Don't mind if I do."
    • "Let's see what we've got."
    • "Look at all this stuff."
    • "Hope I'm lucky!"
    • "Mine, mine, aaaand mine!"
    • "The loots be mine!"


    • "I don't have time to just stand here."
    • "Yeah, great view or whatever. Let's move, please."
    • "Can we go now?"

    Leveling Up:

    • "Is there no end to my power?"
    • "Getting stronger by the minute!"
    • "I just keep getting better!"

    Critical Hit:

    • "Hahahahaha." (Low chuckle)
    • "Hahahahaha." (High pitched laugh)
    • "Hahahaha. I'm really good at this."
    • "Aww, did that hurt?"
    • "Yes! Feel it!"

    Killing a Badass or Boss enemy:

    • "Wait - that was it? It's dead?"
    • "That's it?"
    • "Amateurs"
    • "That was barely worth it."
    • "Well, it acted tough..."
    • "How disappointing! I didn't even break a sweat."

    Active Ability (Phasewalk) Kill:

    • "Who's next?"
    • "Another down."
    • "Easy. Next!"
    • "Is that all you've got?"
    • "Keep 'em coming!"

    Ammunition Depletion:

    • "Damn it! Out of ammo!"
    • "Used all my ammo."
    • "Need to find some ammo."
    • "No ammo."
    • "Great. Out of ammo!"
    • "Cover me! Out of ammo!"

    Spawning a Catch-A-Ride vehicle:

    • "Let's get some wheels."
    • "Let's get out of here."
    • "Enough walking."

    Request to swap (Gunner/Driver) seats in a vehicle:

    • "Swap with me! We won't survive with you there!"
    • "Could you be any worse? Swap with me!"

    Dueling Challenge:

    • "You think you can take me?"
    • "You wanna fight? Don't worry I'll make it quick!"
    • "Maybe I'll even let you get a shot in!"
    • "Ha, me? Fight you? Do you like pain?"
    • "Haha, yeah this should be entertaining!"


    • "Enjoying your break? Get up."
    • "Don't make me have to do this again!"
    • "Quit playing around, let's move."
    • "Let's get moving."
    • "Pay more attention next time!"

    Moving the targeting reticule over a green item or better:

    • "I've never seen anything like this!"'
    • "This is amazing!"
    • "Now this is loot!"

    Lilith Shrine

    In T-Bone Junction (a location in the Secret Armory DLC), you'll find several buildings below the intersection. One of them has a weapon crate next to it. Beside the crate is a button. Pressing the button will open the door to that building, and inside is a shrine that contains a photo of Lilith, large flashing signs pointing to it, a large sign that has "XXX" on it, and moving spiral buttons on her breasts.

    Borderlands 2

    Lilith's new appearance and new Powers in Borderlands 2
    Lilith's new appearance and new Powers in Borderlands 2

    It has been confirmed that Lilith will make a return in Borderlands 2 where she will be played by a live-action actress, similarly to the way Guardian Angel was in Borderlands. After a series of auditions by Gearbox Software, G4 TV's X-Play revealed in January 2012 that Lilith will be played by Australian woman Yasemin Arslan.


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