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Lily is an alias used by a character in Yakuza 4.  She first introduces herself with this alias after negotiating a loan with Shun Akiyama of Sky Finance for the sum of one hundred million yen in cash.  In order to earn the exorbitant sum she requests, she agrees to go through with Akiyama's test; earn three million yen in three days as a hostess at Akiyama's hostess club, Elise.

After passing the test, Lily receives the loan amount and says good bye.

True Identity

"Lily" is actually Yasuko Saejima, the younger sister of Taiga Saejima, who has been in prison on death row for twenty-five years after performing an infamous hit that left eighteen members of the Ueno Seiwa clan dead.  Following up on a lead she received from someone that claimed to be a police officer, she returned to Kamurocho to meet with a man that would supposedly be able to exonerate her brother and free him before his scheduled execution date.  However, the man in question required a heavy price.  She was asked to either murder people whom he claimed were in the way of Taiga's freedom, or pay an unreasonable sum of a hundred million yen.

At first, Yasuko killed the people asked of her, but eventually turned to Sky Finance and their unusual loan business practices in order to secure the money requested instead.

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