Limbo: An Interpretation with SPOILERS

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There's been several complaints on the forum over the ending to this game and I want to throw my hat into the arena on what exactly is going on. 
The game starts with your character "waking up" and he sets off and you don't really know why (unless you read the description). Now you might have missed it but even without the description, halfway through the game you get to a scene where you see your sister just like you do at the end. At that point you get brain slug controlled and when you get back to that point the scene is different and the game continues on. So from that scene you realize he's looking for a little girl for some reason, you don't need the description unless your the type that misses that sort of stuff. 
At the end of the game you "wake up" again and go and see your sister then the game ends. Now the place the girl was standing over has 2 corpses lying there. 
So my concept of the game (given the title) is that your dead, Your dead the whole game and wandering around limbo because you think your still alive.  More than likely you and this girl (likely your sister) died in the woods and you don't realize it. When you finally meet up with her at the end everything ends because you realize your dead. 
What are all the monsters chasing you and people attacking you and everything else? It's not really important.  
I personally loved the game but in the end I wish there was more, but that's another topic.

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