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    A young boy seeks to rescue his lost sister from the dreary, dangerous world of Limbo in this monochrome puzzle-platformer.

    jessicaboo's LIMBO (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

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    My Limbo Review

    This little boy awakes in the darkness, what we see is just a shadow of his body, where is he? In Limbo. This game is beautiful in the eye, black and white, shades of grey. This small 2-D platform game, is about a boy in search of his sister, in this world of paranormal fluently created puzzles, that persistanly can leave you feeling like, is that really going to work? 
    What I enjoyed about the game the most was the fluency of the game, is something that you can start and actually play all the way to the end, not because is short, but because simply doesn't feel like you actually doing chapters, they did a good job on keeping you in the game more than out of it.  

    Beautiful surroundings.
    Beautiful surroundings.
    You walking along this path in the woods, where you encounter mini puzzles that start easy to complex, but never extremely complex. Even though you will encounter moments where you will say, is that really doable? Is not a brain wrecker, but is not easy either. The games is smartly done to actually rely more in timing that puzzle solving.  
    I only got stuck once. Took me around 15 minutes to figure out chapter 21 but after i actually realised what i needed to do, i felt, really? I personally quite often found myself over timing things trying to give myself no room for error, but trying was the thing that made me go wrong a lot of the times.  
    The lack of music and the black and white, is what holds most of the game together, because we cannot forget the puzzles and the concept of why, this little boy and sister are in Limbo. How did she get to where she was in the first place? After playing the game i've read a lot of controversy with the game ending that the game doesn't end where it starts like being in "Limbo" should be...... Come to realise, you do... But why? I believe that you actually never moved, it was just a dream.  I found the game well done. Just to short and not worth 15 dollars to me.  
    Some extremely bad obstacles.
    Some extremely bad obstacles.

     The biggest strength that Limbo brings to the table is really its layout, presentation. Every object and character are silhouettes while the rest of the non-interactive world is contained within a mist and shadow perspective slightly blurred at the back. The control of the character is simple yet staggering, beautifully done. The gore, if you choose to keep it on, is for a black and white layout very morbid, how the minor details are held like when you falling down or sliding down a slop, you can see rocks stumbling with you also, the small details in the background when you do puzzles and it moves with you. Is really well done. Slick yet extremely simplistic. Is what blew my mind away. 
    The sound of the game, is silence as you walk you can hear your foot steps and its sounds like your stepping on grass. When you get to specific areas and is sign of danger is louder sounds. Buzz of the insects, the laughter of the kids that you see only once. The creepy spider legs. The stomps and falls and the sound of when you die by spikes. Extremely detailed for a small game.  
    Once you finish this game, you can find satisfaction to continue on and restart just for the pleasure to get your achievements. Which neither they are easy to achieve nor difficult. But really this game relys on the element on the surprised you get when you first play through this lovely small game. Is not a mind wrecker, and to be honest, challenging in places, but puzzle enthusiast will have no trouble going through this game.  
    Limbo, a boy looking for his sister, this game is solid, interesting, that lacked lenght and lack more diffculty. Despite me loving this game i have to say that, when it got to the end, i really wanted more puzzles, it didn't leave room to add more, i felt quite stranged, but yet i can say that the simplicity of this beautiful game, small as it maybe is what made me love it. And maybe 1200 microsoft points, but 1200 microsoft points im extremely glad to have spent.   

    The Pro:  

    Beautiful atmosphere 
    Character animation are impressive 
    The black and white texture with the lack of music keeps it together 
    The Cons:  
    The lenght of the game 
    The ending was really not satisfying enough 
     And the silly creepy crawly (my personal cons)...  

    " I belive that to get where you want, you need to try hard, and if you fall, you must get up and try again"

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