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    A young boy seeks to rescue his lost sister from the dreary, dangerous world of Limbo in this monochrome puzzle-platformer.

    poltergeist13's LIMBO (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

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    Beautiful. Lonely. Dark. Nightmarish. Bizarre.

    Limbo is an experience worth the price of admission.  Though a steep 1200 point price tag, I can't recommend it enough.  Yeah its got the whole "artsy fartsy" vibe kicking.  But in the end, you'll think to yourself that for the few hours you played through it.  You really felt like you were in limbo. 
    It's a platformer/puzzle game presented in complete black and white.  Not much of a musical score, only ambient sounds from the enviroments.  It's a rather simple looking game.  Add all that together with the pacing and it really turns into something unique. 
    You play a little kid, who is apparently searching for a little girl.  Traps, spiders, mean little (lord of the flies) kids, electric currents, and various obstacles stand in your way.  Some of the obstacles/puzzles can get rather challenging at times.  You may have to die 5 or 6 times before you figure out the solution.  Though, thankfully for the checkpoint system, its not all that frustrating.   
    The game will take 3 hours or so to finish.  That is short, especially carring the $15 price tag.  Not much replayability.  Some hidden eggs here and there but nothing noteworthy.  Also I believe the ending of the game may have some people up in arms. 
    I believe the ending fit along with what the game was trying to accomplish in its duration. 
    Limbo reminds me of Braid a bit.  It has an odd presentation and dreamy/nightmarish vibe to it.  Yet it is totally unique on its own.  Its really unlike anything else.  I highy recommended it.  It's good to see a game like this get a lot of attention on XBLA.  Kudos to Microsoft for starting off the Summer of Arcade this year with Limbo.  It deserves its time in the light, cause the game itself is the darkest experience you'll play this year.

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