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    A gangster in the Westside Rollerz of Stilwater, Lin is secretly an undercover member of the Third Street Saints.

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    Lin is sent undercover in the Westside Rollerz gang, because the Saints lack intel on them. She seems to be quite adept at it, and she saves the gang's mechanic Donnie from you in a pre-planned chase. In one of the missions, she is seen with a unique Voxel car. This car can be unlocked by completing the Westside Rollerz strand (strongholds and missions).

    Unfortunately, because Lin's reaction to any new information is to immediately have the Saints counter it, it becomes incredibly obvious fairly quickly that she is a spy. Rollerz leader William Price kidnaps her and takes her to a tea house in Chinatown. She calls you and tells you to come immediately. Once you arrive, you are knocked out. You wake up in the trunk of Lin's car with her. She tries to find her cigarettes to get some light, but the car comes to a halt. Price has driven the car to a shore, and is now planning to shoot both of you and dump the car in the ocean.

    Once Price opens the trunk, Lin starts pleading and screaming at him. He fires a .44 Shepherd into the trunk three times. Two of these shots hit Lin in the stomach, while one of them hits you. Just as Price has finished firing, Donnie, a Roller with a crush on Lin, arrives. He sees what has been done to Lin and shouts at Price. Price simply asks him to help him push the car, as "This car is heavy". Donnie ignores him and drives off. You survive the round in the stomach, but Lin dies.

    After this, your character swims back to the shore. It's time to avenge Lin's death...


    • Lin can be reanimated as a zombie if the player calls the 'Eye for an Eye' voodoo company at any time after they finished the mission in which she died, unlocking 'Zombie Lin' as a homie. Although Zombie Lin has a sweet customized car, she is unable to use firearms, instead ripping off her arm and clubbing people to death with it, making her next to useless in a firefight. This is referenced in Saints Row 2, in which a radio discussion on paranormal topics mentions the rumour that a zombie woman in a Westside Rollerz outfit is terrorizing Stilwater at night.
    • Lin has a tattoo of a snake on her chest.
    • Lin appears on the back of the European Saints Row box.
    • Lin was previously named "Lynn" before the spelling of her name was finalized. The previous spelling is used in some of resource files for the game, as well as being the basis of the phone number for the "Eye for an Eye" service that re-animates her as a zombie: 555-5966 (LYNN).

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