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Linda Reid is a clinically depressed seventeen-year-old high school student that appears in Trauma Center: Under the Knife and its remake, Trauma Center: Second Opinion. Struggling to live up to her parents high expectations, she was admitted to Hope Hospital after suffering a nervous breakdown and attempting suicide. Unable to cope with her life, she'd rather die and let her troubles end, but her desire to continue living is reignited when she begins suffering sudden, severe pains in her chest and she realizes the mistake she made.

Derek Stiles operates on Linda, but just as the procedure is set to conclude, he and Nurse Angie Thompson are shocked as they witness the wounds they treated violently reopen. Derek discovers that Linda is suffering from a strange illness unknown to him and continues operating in order to extract it. He saves her life, and she manages to recover.

The Unknown Disease

Derek later learns that the strange disease that attacked Linda's body was GUILT, a man-made illness. She specifically suffered from the Kyriaki strain of GUILT. His skills in operating on GUILT lead him and Angie to be recruited by Caduceus USA, the American branch of a multi-national medical organization investigating the disease.


In Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2, Linda returns as a patient once again, this time suffering from Post-Kyriaki, which causes her to suffer mood swings. Derek once again treats her, removing the last traces of the illness from her body.

Continuity Error

In the original Japanese version of Trauma Center: Under the Knife, Linda (known as Sayoko Ouga in the Japanese version) is fourteen years old, but her age was increased to seventeen for the English language version. In Under the Knife 2, three years have passed, and so she is seventeen years old in the Japanese version, but because the change in her age in the original game was not taken into account, she remains seventeen years old in the English language version, as well.


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