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    Linear Gameplay

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    The opposite of open-ended gameplay, linear gameplay uses scripted events, Quick time events, cut scenes, and a restricted path to tell a story exactly how the writer intends, and control elements of the action.

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    Linear gameplay is in stark contrast with the recently popular style known as open-ended gameplay, or sandbox gameplay. The plot is already pre-determined, and is communicated through regular cutscenes that usually occur before and after a level. It is still widely popular because of it facilitates the telling of a story through scripted events, and can create intense and fun scenarios for the player to experience. Games such as Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, and Half Life 2 are well known for employing this style. This style is mainly popular in FPS and RTS games, as well as on-rails games such as rail shooters and side-scrollers, occasionally making an appearance in the RPG genre, where open-ended gameplay is more common.


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