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    Linger in Shadows

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Oct 09, 2008

    Linger in Shadows is an interactive art experience on PSN. It consists of a video that plays and rewinds and allows the user to study it from different angles.

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    Linger in Shadows is a product of Polish demoscene group Plastic, it was released on the PlayStation Network in October 2008. Linger in Shadows consists of an interactive world set in an earth-like location, the user is required to interact using the controller in various, and often unclear ways, to procede.  Linger in Shadows has become infamous among PS3 trophy hunters as a game where you can unlock all its rewards in very little time. The game has 16 trophies in all, 11 bronze and 5 silver, all of which can be unlocked in a single playthrough. The trophies which begin with the name "Sigil of..." are unlocked through finding out how to get to the next part of the video, this usually involves using the sixaxis motion controls or hitting a button at a particular time. The trophies which begin "Greetings to..."  are unlocked by pausing the video at a specific time and using the motion controls to find a hidden image.


    • Sigil of Time (Bronze)
    • Sigil of Motion (Silver)
    • Sigil of Chaos (Silver)
    • Sigil of Nature (Silver)
    • Sigil of Creation (Silver)
    • Sigil of Light (Silver)
    • Greetings to Fairlight (Bronze)
    • Greetings to Sunflower (Bronze
    • Greetings to Still (Bronze
    • Greetings to Farbrausch (Bronze)
    • Greetings to the Black Lotus (Bronze)
    • Greetings to Conspiracy (Bronze)
    • Greetings to RGBA (Bronze)
    • Greetings to MFX (Bronze)
    • Greetings to Andromeda Software Development (Bronze)
    • Greetings to Madwizards (Bronze)

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