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    Lion Rafale

    Character » appears in 13 games

    Known as one pokey bastard, Lion Rafale uses nothing but quick fast pokes in the virtua fighter series.

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    Lion is the son of a wealthy family and the main heir to a big military contractor based in France, but he had plenty of arguments with his father over the fact that the company has been selling weapons to both sides of different conflicts around the world. Lion's father challenges him to win the World Fighting Tournament. If he can do that, his father promises to let him pursue his own goals. Around the time of VF5, he found evidence that the aforementioned contractor was selling weapons to (surprise!) the evil and mysterious J6 Corporation. Even so, Lion continues fighting in the tournaments, hoping to one day break free of his father's influence.
    Lion first debuted around VF2, making use of the Tourou-ken ("Northern Praying Mantis") style, an odd style of martial arts that emphasizes fast, quick strikes and pokes to whittle down the opponent's health.


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