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Although Lita accepts Eddie Riggs as part of Ironheade from early on, she places a lack of trust of Ophelia due to her parents having a part in the Black Tear Rebellion, and when Ophelia becomes part of the Drowning Doom she feels that are suspicions are justified. She is very protective of her brother and his death has a major impact on Lita, turning her into a mature and slightly darker leadership figure for Ironheade. Although she cries upon finding that her brother cannot be resurrected she explains that she sees tears as a sign of weakness. Alongside Eddie she leads Ironheade in to their victory against the Drowning Doom and the Tainted Coil, and although she is somewhat critical of some of Eddie's more outlandish ideas, she grows attached to him. At one point she tries to talk to Eddie about a possible relationship between them but finds that he is asleep, and does not express her feelings again. After the game is completed she can be found at Lars' grave, mourning his death, and Eddie can join her in silently grieving for him.


  • Lita and Eddie's double team ability is a short-range area-of-effect attack.
  • Lita Halford's name is an portmanteau of the names of metal musicians Lita Ford and Rob Halford, both of whom voice characters in Brütal Legend.
  • Lita Halord is modelled on Lita Ford as she looked in the 80s.
  • While it is a common misconception that Lita Halford is voiced by Lita Ford, she is actually voiced by Kath E. Soucie, a voice actress who also provided a voice for another Tim Schafer game, Full Throttle.

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